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Custom Mail Service

This is our 'Design Your Own' Mail Service level and it is tailored to each individual Client's needs. Custom Mail Service INCLUDES everything covered in "Cruisers Home Port Mail Service™" PLUS any of the following examples:

- Custom Sorting: We will sort your mail for individual items and route (or discard) them according to your instructions, i.e., "send all tax information from XYZ Industries, Inc. to my CPA, delete all letters from crazy Aunt Bertha", etc. Whatever you want.

(For sorting options at other Mail Service levels, see "How It Works" on our "Directory of Mail Services" page.)

- Bill Paying: Also available is our program to provide for payment of your bills. You identify the bills you want us to pay and then upon receipt we pay them and deduct the amount from your account with us.



There are no sign up fees, just a monthly subscription fee beginning at $29.99 charged to the account on the first of each month. This fee includes your mail forwarding services plus custom sorting or bill paying, etc.


Please note:

For all Mail Service levels, we make keeping track of your mail and your account balance easy. Each shipment of mail you receive from us is automatically numbered sequentially. Your mailing label will have "SN:1", "SN:2", "SN:3", etc. so you will always know if all your mail packets have arrived just by checking the Shipment Number.

Each month, subscribers are provided with a computer generated statement of account that lists each shipment, the number of pieces of mail shipped and the Shipment Number. Also included are all debits and credits posted to the account during the statement period.

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