For many St. Brendan’s Isle Clients, Florida is an ideal State to establish residency and to register vehicles or vessels. Florida has no State Income Tax and some of the least expensive vehicle and boat registration fees in the United States.




Why Become A Florida Resident?

  • No Personal Income Tax for Florida residents
  • No Personal Property Tax
  • No State Inheritance Tax


Florida Residency:

In order to establish your domicile in Florida you need to take one or more of the following actions to indicate your intent:

  • File a Declaration of Domicile form with the Clay County courthouse, located in Green Cove Springs, FL
  • Obtain a Florida Driver’s License
  • Register to vote in Florida
  • Declare Florida residency on a personal income tax return
  • When moving from another state you may want to check with your Attorney, CPA or the State’s Department of Revenue regarding any steps needed to validate your move.


Florida Voter Registration:

  • The State of Florida allows you to register and vote in all Federal and State elections.
  • Registration must be completed 29 days before an election and may be done either in person at the Clay County Supervisor of Elections Office in Green Cove Springs or online at:
  • In both cases you are required to provide:
  • A copy of your FL Declaration of Domicile Form
  • A copy of your Florida Driver’s License
  • A completed Voter Registration Form

Source: Supervisor of Elections, Clay County, FL


Florida Driver’s License:

To obtain a Florida Driver’s License you will be required to pass an eye examination, surrender your out of state driver license and provide the following documents:

  • Driver’s License
  • Passport or Birth Certificate
  • If you decide to use your Birth Certificate and have ever legally changed your name by marriage or court order, you must submit the original or a certified copy of your marriage certificate or court order. (Church issued Marriage Licenses will not be accepted.)
  • Social Security Card or last year’s 1099 or W2
  • Proofs of Residency (2 Pieces of Mail)
  • From a Bank
  • From a Brokerage Firm
  • From an Insurance Company
  • From a Finance Company
  • From a Government agency
  • Credit Card Bill
  • Florida Vehicle Registration or Title
  • Florida Vessel Registration or Title
  • Proof of your RV or Vessel being Registered in Florida
  • The Federal Real ID Act requires individuals to register their RV or Vessel in the State of Florida in order for a license to be issued to the address we provide
  • View Registration Requirements for: RV’s and Vessel’s
  • If you do not own a RV or Vessel you can complete a Certification of Address form HSMV 71120 and utilize a family or friends Florida residential address for driver’s license purposes. (We would still provide your 411 Walnut St as your mailing address)


Driver License Fees 

  • Class E Original $48.00
  • Class E Renewal $48.00
  • Class E Replacement $25.00

Valid as of July 1, 2016


Florida RV and Vehicle Registration

  • To Title and Register your RV/Vehicle in the State of Florida bring or mail the following:
  • Completed Application for Certificate of Title with/without Registration – HSMV 82040
  • Original title or loan information on lien holder
  • Proof of Florida Insurance
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN) verified by a police officer if not presenting the vehicle in person
  • Bill of sale for RV/vehicle purchased less than 6 months from date of registration


Useful Information Regarding RV and Vehicle Registration:

  • Cost for first time registration of a RV/passenger vehicle in Clay County, Florida is approximately $400 (Fees include transferring title, 1st year registration fee and new license plate.)
  • Renewal fees for passenger vehicles are based on weight. However for a typical passenger car the renewal fee is $45.60 per year
  • Renewal fees for RV’s are also based upon weight. However, for a typical RV the renewal fee is $58.85 per year
  • A complete list of fees can be found at:
  • If you have previously owned vehicles in Florida and have purchased a Florida license plate that you no longer use, you can save the $225.00 initial registration fee on a passenger vehicle.
  • Sales tax may be collected on vehicles purchased within 6 months of registration. (Documentation of sales tax paid on purchase must be provided to avoid or reduce the tax due.)
  • No sales tax due on any RV/Vehicle registered after 6 months of ownership
  • We are located in Clay County which does not require any inspections or emissions testing (No annual trips to Florida are necessary)


Florida Vessel Registration:

To Title and Register your Vessel in the State of Florida bring or mail the following:

  • A completed application for Certificate of Title with/without Registration – HSMV 82040
  • Proof of Identification – Submit a copy of ONE of the following:
  • INDIVIDUALS: State issued driver’s license, state issued photo I.D. card, Canadian or U.S. Territory issued driver’s license or photo identification card, or passport (all documentation must have a photo)
  • BUSINESSES: FEID documents, fictitious name documents or corporation papers filed with a state
  • Proof of Ownership – Copies cannot be accepted
  • NEW VESSELS: Manufacturer’s Statement/Certificate of Origin
  • USED VESSELS: Certificate of Title if registered in another state; if from a non-titling state or foreign country, registration or other official document showing ownership must be submitted
  • Copy of executed Bill of Sale
  • Proof of sales tax exemption or proof of sales tax paid

Vessel Registration Fees are computed based on the length of the vessel. (See chart below). The 12 month registration period for Privately Owned vessels begins the first day of the owner’s birth month, and Company Owned vessels use the month of June.


Florida Vessel Registration – USCG Documented

To Register a USCG Documented Vessel in the State of Florida bring or mail the following:

  • A completed application to Register Non-Titled Vessel form HSMV 87244
  • Copy of USCG documentation papers
  • Copy of executed bill of sale
  • Proof of sales tax exemption or proof of sales tax paid
  • Vessel Registration Fees are based on the length of boat (See chart below)
  • The Certificate of Documentation and Florida registration must be on board the vessel at all times. (Note: The Florida Registration Number does not have to be displayed on the hull)

Annual Fees To Register Vessels – As of July 1, 2016


Class Type Type of Vessel Fees
A-1 All vessels les s than 12 feet in length, and motorized canoes $10.25
A-2 12 feet or more and less than 16 feet in length $21.00
1 16 feet or more and less than 26 feet in length $33.50
2 26 feet or more and less than 40 feet in length $83.00
3 40 feet or more and less than 65 feet in length $132.50
4 65 feet or more and less than 110 feet in length $157.50
5 110 feet or more in length $194.50