Marine Supply Purchasing Program


Our Marine Supply Purchasing program is a service designed for convenience and peace of mind. When you are cruising, especially Internationally, at times it can be difficult to find a source for repair parts and equipment.  With our service you’ll know there is a reliable source for these items. Here’s how it works:

We act as your purchasing agent. You select the items using a specific part and catalog number. Then, contact us with your order. We will secure the item and ship to you creating all the necessary documents for customs clearance into foreign countries.  Whatever we pay for an item is what you pay.  This is not a profit center for SBI but rather a service to our Cruising Clients.

This program is included with our Cruisers Home Port Service and our Cruiser’s Custom Service.

In addition to our Marine Supply Program, we are the U.S. importer of the Lavac Marine Toilet.