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Our Travelers Special Mail Service is designed especially for the full and part time RVer. As one of the largest mail forwarding services in the country, we have been providing mail forwarding services since 1988. At St. Brendan's Isle you can count on our full time Service Team providing you with convenient, dependable and friendly service.

We know that selecting a company to handle your mail is an important decision. Below are some of the points to consider when deciding whom you should entrust with your mail.

1. Do they provide a street address vs. a P.O. Box?....You want to be able to receive UPS & Fed Ex Shipments.

2. Will they ship your mail on the same day you call & on any day of the week?....You need this flexibility to meet your changing travel plans.

3. Do they have a computerized mail processing system?....You need this to ensure they are organized and professional and to help ensure accuracy.

4. Do they provide a detailed monthly statement showing all ship to addresses and charges?....You need this to ensure you are being charged only for the shipments you request.

5. Do their computers sequentially number and log every shipment? .... This is important for keeping track of your shipments.

6. Do they count & log the # of pieces of mail in every shipment?....Your will want this tamper evident security benefit.

7. Will they provide assistance with Florida residency and voters registration?....You may want to take advantage of the benefits of residing in Florida.

8. Will they provide assistance with Florida Vehicle Registration?....You may want to take advantage of the benefits of registering your vehicles in Florida.

9. Do they provide communication access via phone, email & fax?...You want the choice and flexibility of selecting how to communicate your mail shipment requests.

10. Do they provide an emergency locator system?.....You want your family and friends to know how to reach you in an emergency.

11. Are they bonded and insured?...You want the piece of mind to know that your mail is safe.

12. Can they ship via US Postal Service, UPS, FedEx & DHL?....You need the flexibility and choice of selecting the shipping method best suited for your destination.

13. Do they offer an inactive service option when you are not traveling?...Part timers do not want to pay for a service when they are not on the road.

14. Will they check for an importance piece of mail when asked to?...You may need to know if an important document has arrived.

15. Do they have a friendly and courteous service team?...You will want your dealings with them to always be pleasant.

Please give us a call (800-544-2132) to ask any questions you may have or to learn more about our mail forwarding services.


postal mail forwarding At St. Brendan's Isle there are no sign up or yearly fees. You open your account with a $100 deposit. Then each month a service fee of $11.99 is deducted along with any mailing charges you have incurred. When your account balance drops below $10 you make another $100 deposit in your account. Typically this is done through a credit card transaction. Each month you receive a detailed, easy to understand, statement itemizing every credit and debit to your account. When you no longer need our mail forwarding service, your remaining balance is refunded to you. You can sign up over the phone or use our Internet Sign Up form. Our toll free number is 800-544-2132 or if you are calling from an International location, 904-284-1203.
postal mail forwarding Simple, economical Flat-Rate mail charges: Each shipment is charged only the actual US Postal Service postage plus a $2.00 handling charge no matter how many pieces of mail you have.
mailing services Messages (telephone, e-mail or fax to our office): Phone, fax and e-mail messages received at our office are $2.00 each. These messages are forwarded with your mail shipments.
mailing service Voice Mail: The most economical message option is our Voice Mail Service. For only $3.00 a month you get your own personal voice mail box with unlimited messages and 24 hour a day access.

Please note... Exclusive to SBI:

For all Mail Service levels, we make keeping track of your mail and your account balance easy. Each shipment of mail you receive from us is automatically numbered sequentially. Your mailing label will have "SN:1", "SN:2", "SN:3", etc. so you will always know if all your mail packets have arrived just by checking the Shipment Number. We also count and record the number of pieces included in each shipment for tamper evident security.

Each month, subscribers are provided with a computer generated statement of account that lists each shipment, the number of pieces of mail shipped and the Shipment Number. Also included are all debits and credits posted to the account during the statement period.

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