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Lavac Marine Toilets

The finest, most trouble-free
marine toilet ever made.

For complete information regarding the Lavac Marine Toilets go to our other web site at This site includes installation notes, complete parts and price list, dimensions & FAQ's.

Since 1963, The Lavac Toilet has been a favorite with sailors throughout the world, providing their owners with long and trouble free use. The Lavac toilet is one of the simplest marine toilets to operate and requires virtually no maintenance.

What makes The Lavac better??? The patented vacuum flushing system has not been equaled by any other marine toilet manufacturer. After use, close the Lavac seat and lid and then pull the handle a few times. As waste is pumped out a vacuum is formed which draws in the flushing water. Wait a few seconds and the vacuum breaks. It's that simple. The only moving part in the Lavac is the diaphragm within the detached heavy duty pump.

The Lavac Toilet is available in two different models with four different pump configurations:

1. Lavac Zenith Toilet
2. Lavac Popular Toilet
3. T/A Pump (Surface mounted) / U/D Pump (Behind the bulkhead mounted)
4. 12 Volt / 24 Volt Electric Pump

Are you tired of repairing your marine toilet??? Then it is time to throw the old thing overboard (not literally) and replace it with a Lavac. The most reliable and dependable marine toilet on the market today.

lavac marine toilet
Lavac Zenith
Model TLZ 0901 Manual T/A Top Affixed Discontinued
Model TLZ 0902 Manual U/D Under Deck Discontinued
Model TLZ 0903 Electric 12v Model Discontinued
Model TLZ 0904 Electric 24v Model Discontinued

lavac marine toilets
Lavac Popular
TLZ 0801 Popular Manual, Top Affixed T/A $439.99
TLZ 0802 Popular Manual, Under Deck U/D $449.99
TLZ 0803 Popular Electric, 12v $649.99
TLZ 0804 Popular Electric, 24v $649.99


marine toilets
TLZ 0854 Popular Universal Spares Kit, T/A or U/D $132.00
TLZ 0954 Zenith Universal Spares Kit, T/A or U/D $132.00
TLZ 8066 Popular Lid Seal $28.00
TLZ 8065 Popular Seat Seal $28.00
TLZ 9065 Zenith Seal $28.00 Each
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